December 2019

SupplementalMaterials for “Genetic background and diet affect brown adipose gene co-expression – metabolic associations”


September 2019

Count data for LG/J and SM/J white and brown adipose tissues 

Barcodes key.

SM/J brown and white adipose counts.

LG/J brown and white adipose counts.


March 2019

Count data for Epistatic Networks Associated with Parent-of-Origin Effects on Metabolic Traits

Barcodes key.

Hypothalamus ASE counts.

Hypothalamus DE counts.

White adipose ASE counts.

White adipose DE counts.

Liver ASE counts counts.

Liver DE counts.


October 2018

Adipose expression by strain(Iron paper supplemental table 3)

Adipose expression by diet (Iron paper supplemental table 4)

Adipose expression by strainXdiet (Iron paper supplemental table 5)


July 2015 

Download BAM files for the whole genome sequences of the LG/J and the SM/J inbred mouse strains.